About Us

History of National

 Founded in January 2000, the House of Heroes™ is a nonprofit organization serving our nation's military and public safety veterans (and their spouses) who are disabled, living on a fixed income, or facing other physical/financial challenges. Volunteers perform minor repairs and make improvements to the homes of veterans and their spouses—at no cost to the veteran—through the generosity of individuals, civic organizations, and corporations. 

Our Mission

 The mission of House of Heroes - Middle Georgia Chapter, Inc. is to recognize and honor military and public safety veterans and/or their spouses who have served our country faithfully and sacrificially. Through service to these veterans and their spouses, House of Heroes, Inc. volunteers attempt to express gratitude that can never be adequately expressed in words alone by 

Chapter history

  House of Heroes, Middle Georgia Chapter officially began January 01, 2017. The official formation of the House of Heroes, Middle Georgia Chapter occurred December, 2016 when interested people met to hear the HOH story and voted unanimously to form The Middle Georgia Chapter.    

Those interested included: Carl & Rosalyn Puckett, Claude & Cheryl Yearwood, Donnie Hooker, Jack & Laurie Osburn, Jennifer Puckett, Steve & Pam Creech, Steve& Pat Cheek, Adam & Annette Weiche, Mike Shepard, Larry & Kim Brewer, Kris & Amy Krueger, Steve & Sylvia Lindsey, Jennifer Peterson, Pete & Vickie Portera.   

 The Chapter had its origin in January, 2015 when 50 young people and adults from Liberty UMC had HOH as the service project for Disciple Now weekend. Two homes were repaired on January 17, 2015 and two veterans were honored on January 18, 2015. They were “Mack” (DCD) and Cat Bryant and Mac (DCD) and Elizabeth Grace.   

 On May 15, 2016 four (4) more great Americans were helped and honored and they were Earl and June Pace, Reggie and Beverly Wilson, Mike Shepard, and Ron & Teresa Goodrich.   

 On December 31, 2016 three (3) more great Americans were helped and honored Shirley & David Tolbert, Bo & JoAnn Stollenwerck, and Tommy & JoAnne Thompson. Our youth and the adults that work with them, along with members of two (2) local softball teams were working on their houses and listening to their stories Saturday, between 10:00 & 2:00 PM. Then on Sunday morning at the 11:00 AM Service they were honored with a special flag presentation.  Mayor Robert A.B. Reichert and members of our local delegation was here for a special proclamation and presentation.