How you can help HOH- MGC

The Basics

 There are many ways to be involved with our organization. Opportunities to help our veterans range from working on a house to soliciting in-kind donations.   Trust us- there’s an abundance of opportunities in between!

You can even become a corporate sponsor of a house project! Our sponsors have made a stand to support our veterans by helping us with minor home repairs for our veterans. Just contact our office and we will give you information about homes in need of repairs and let your group select a project based on the repairs needed for the home and your group’s skill-set. You can learn more on our FAQ page. 


 Serving as a volunteer on a House of Heroes project is fun, easy and best of all rewarding.   It’s easy to be a volunteer, all you need is a few hours and a willing spirit.   You don’t have to possess any home repair or construction skills.  Potential volunteer opportunities at house project include:·      

Yard work such as pulling weeds, trimming bushes, etc.·     

Cleaning windows·       

Painting and prepping for painting·  Being a runner for the team captain- picking up additional supplies, lunch for volunteers or anything else that comes up·       

Being a homeowner helper. Keeping the homeowner occupied while volunteers are working is very important!

The leaders of organizations whose employees have served on a team building event with HOH report that it was a phenomenal experience. 


Go to Our Calendar and review the events that are posted. Contact our office if there is a particular event that you are interested in. 

Other Ways

Sponsor a house

Work on a house (great team building!)

Hold a supply drive

Hold a fundraiser benefiting HOH-MGC

Volunteer to be a Site Supervisor

Like & Share us on FaceBook

Volunteer as a project photographer

Be a team captain

Recruit volunteers

Encourage your church/company to support HOH-MGC

Coordinate lunch for a project